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Universal induction heating annealing machine 80KW

Universal induction heating annealing machine 80KW
At high temperature, rapid heating, short heating time, uniform heating of metal materials. The surface of the heating material is less oxidized, the workpiece is less deformed, and non-contact heating.
  - Output power adjustment is flexible, convenient and accurate
  - Easy to control the temperature of the heated workpiece, so the product quality is stable
  - Change the induction heating of the annular workpiece heating compound, and also achieve local heating
“Because of the loss of transistor device and inverter control technology, the efficiency can reach more than 95%, significant energy saving and water saving effect
  - Small size, light weight, good operating environment, no noise and dust
  - Protection of sensitive actions, long life of the main equipment, low failure rate, reliable performance, continuous operation
Connected to work on hydropower equipment, easy to operate and easy to maintain
Universal induction heating annealing machine 80KW
Suzhou Hongchuang High Frequency Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and related training services to customers, ensuring customer satisfaction is the service goal that Hongchuang is constantly pursuing.
Hongchuang's purpose: integrity-based quality.
Business creed: Doing excellent brands, satisfying customers.
Service tenet: Responsible for each process Responsible for each product Responsible for each user.
Service spirit: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Based on the spirit of “high quality, excellent service and development”, Suzhou Hongchuang High Frequency Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. solemnly promises you with the concept of “excellent product, reasonable price and caring service” and the principle of responsibility and openness:
1. Product quality: The product is a new, qualified and original product that meets the requirements of your requirements, and the quality meets relevant standards.
2. Warranty period: Suzhou Hongchuang High Frequency Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. product distribution inspection certificate and appropriate instruction manual to ensure that users can correctly install and use our products.
3. Hardware products: Free warranty during the warranty period, replacement of damaged spare parts, free spare parts during equipment maintenance; software products: free upgrade, troubleshooting, etc.; installation and commissioning services: free installation of software and hardware products.
Pre-sales service
Pre-sales service: According to the customer's needs, we provide you with project design, process design, and develop the equipment and equipment that suits you.
In-sale service: Accomplish the acceptance of the equipment with you, assist in the preparation of the construction plan and detailed process.
After-sales service: The company sent technicians to the site to guide the installation, commissioning and training of operators.
24-hour telephone service and regular service as usual.
National hotline: Mobile: +86-18051806698 (pre-sales hotline) Fixed line: +86-512-52137966 (after-sales service hotline)
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